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Don't forget to put away your credit cards, we have no hidden charges to use our site. All features on Connecting Singles are without charges, fees, credits, coupons or surprises. Join the following Iceland singles and MANY MORE searching for free dating in Iceland on our site right now.Currently available for Android phones, it has been downloaded almost 4,000 times since it was launched earlier this month.The creators also hope to develop an i Phone version. But the idea that it will be used by young people to make sure they don't marry their cousins is of much more interest to the press than a reflection of reality." It may also be of limited use.Stefansson says the "bump" feature is an attention-grabbing but relatively minor aspect of an app that brings Icelanders' love of genealogy into the 21st century. Currently the alarm only alerts users if they and their new acquaintance have a common grandparent, and most people already know who their first cousins are.He also hopes it won't convey the wrong impression about Iceland. Adalsteinsson stresses that the app has other, less sexual uses.

Have you tried all the traditional ways to find someone special in Iceland?Arnar Freyr Adalsteinsson, one of the trio, said it allows any two Icelanders to see how closely related they are, simply by touching phones."A small but much talked about feature is the loosely translated 'Incest Prevention Alarm' that users can enable through the options menu which notifies the user if the person he's bumping with is too closely related," Adalsteinsson said. Their descendants built a small, relatively homogenous and — crucially — well-organized country, home to the world's oldest parliament and devoted to thorough record-keeping. In Iceland, a country with a population of 320,000 where most everyone is distantly related, inadvertently kissing cousins is a real risk.The app lets users "bump" phones, and emits a warning alarm if they are closely related.

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